We Are Permanent!

No-one ever starts their own business because they think it is going to be easy.

That absolutely rings true for us.

3 years ago when I took the leap and registered Le D Bug Boutique as a business in the state of Oregon. Being a permanent tenant in Bridgeport Village, on an idealic corner space was just our atop our wildest dream.

We moved to Bridgeport almost 2 years ago and as any of our loyal following knows, we have moved not once but FOUR times!

Construction is never cut and dry and boy was that the case with our space.

We signed our Letter Of Intent on a 1800 sqft space with so much excitement in our hearts that the 1 months (during Back To School shopping non the less) move into a temp and tiny ex Blow Out Bar didn't even upset us. Getting creative with how to fit a 2500 sqft store into a 1100sqft hair salon with no storage for all our major incoming shipments was interesting. Then the AC broke and we sweated out our customers with a 90* store. It's always an adventure, that's for sure. After we heard the news that our 1800 sqft store was going to be chopped up and turned into a 1250 sqft store because our retail neighbor wanted some of our space, we were so sad but hopeful that we would make the best of it anyways. What we weren't happy with was the new 3 month construction time line that would have us in our tiny space for the holidays. We spoke with the amazing management and worked out a plan to spread out into our HUGE 3100sqft temp space up the sidewalk. The holidays were great in our monster of a space but construction finally finished and we took over in our permanent space at the end of January.



It takes a village is an understatement. Our design and build of our layout took a miracle and thank the good Lord that my husband, big sister and brother in law just happen to be miracle workers.


In about 10 days, my sister and brother in law created an amazing wall system for us that would hold and showcase our inventory perfectly. We pulled 14 hour days while we nailed, screwed, painted and installed everything. My husband and I carried every single piece of furniture from our old space to our new space... yes I may be small but I am one strong cookie.

The finished store is home. This is how we always imagined it from day 1. It is smaller but that's what we like so that we can be present with each and every customer who walks into our store. We want to be a place where everyone feels welcome, encouraged, supported and loved. We LOVE when you're little ones run around or make them selves at home in the Lil Bug Lounge. It was a crazy ride the last 6 months but we're home and it feels so good.