Welcome To Le' D Bug Boutique!

Yes, It is pronounced

“Ladybug Boutique”

But how did we come up with our name you ask? And its unique spelling?

My mother in law Judy (and co owner of Le D Bug) nick named my oldest daughter (and first born grandchild) her “Bug” and that has been her name ever since. Well, come with me 8 years later to where the idea of our own boutique began and mom always wanted it to be named after my daughter to ensure it stayed a family business and with a touch of something that is special to her. We went through many name ideas: “My Bug Store” she asked, that was a hard No for me. “My Bugs Boutique”, yeah…. I still didn’t feel that screamed “cute children’s clothing” and more like an insect store. We sat and thought on it for a few weeks on and off. One day while we were talking about it, my husband offered “What if it is Lady BUG Boutique but because you’re into the Parisian vintage style, make it Le D Bug?”. My jaw dropped. It was perfect! I called my mom and told her that Aaron came up with it and she immediately loved it as well. So our name stuck and stayed Le D Bug which was moms dream the entire time, named after her first born granddaughter and even better, the name was created thanks to her first born son.



A little about the owners

I am Brittani, co owner of Le D Bug Boutique. I am married to my dapper husband Aaron and together we have 3 children, Absidy (Bug), Micah and Eleanor.

We live here in Tigard Oregon just up the street from the boutique.

I was born and raised in Oregon and love all the opportunity to be support of local schools and community event for my children and customers kids as well.

When I am not working in the store I love to dance and weight train, go on shenanigans with my husband and our kids and I’m a total book nerd and always looking to learn new things.

Some of my favorite things about owning the boutique are being able to help support and encourage other great small business, mom boss’s and brands in the Portland area. I truly believe if we all spent a little more time lifting each other up, we could build a beautiful world for our children.


Judy McElevey, co owner of Le D Bug Boutique (and mother to my husband) is the artist behind the boutique. She is married to my father in law Mike and together they have twin 6 year old boys.

Born in California, she moved to Oregon at the age of 6.  She grew up in a little town of Hillsboro went to school and started working for Nike where she retired after 23 years.

When she is not working in the store she loves to take spin and yoga classes or you will find her running outside, especially if the sun is out.

Her favorite places to be are anywhere warm like California and Arizona where her close girlfriends live and we are already day dreaming of opening another location.
Some for her favorite things about owning a boutique is being able to envision new and fun ways to set the floor and window displays. She could spend all day in a craft store and curate a beautiful scene for anyone who looks through our front windows. Her eye for design is beyond compare. She also absolutely loves being able to help pull together the perfect look or gift for our customers who come in. Her natural warmth towards all people that come into our store helps to make each experience with us that much more special.


What we stand for

All the brands we bring into our store have to meet a high standard of quality, we really love brands that are fair trade, eco friendly but most implant and with no wiggle room all of our brands MUST be ethically made.

We love having brands in our store that have beautiful stories about where they are made, by who, the good that these manufacturing companies do for other countries economy and environments and the people behind them.

We love being apart of multiple local non profits where we can donate product, time, money, host fundraiser, collect holiday gifts, warm winter clothing and spread the word about these non profits such as;

  • With Love
  • CASA
  • Northwest Children’s Outreach

If you would like to get more information on any of these local non profits or if you would like Le D Bug to host a fundraiser for your non profit please send your email to Info@LeDBugBoutique.com